15 October 2018

French News

Bonjour everyone! Well, last week was very busy for all of us with Student Led Conferences taking place in the Junior School. During the French rotations, we played many different language games and the boys had an opportunity to show their parents just how much vocabulary they had mastered in French. Pre-Primary worked with family words; Year 1 played games using fruit vocabulary; Year 2 did very well talking about all the buildings to be found in a town; Year 3 got busy playing with food words, while Year 4 ran about the room with a clothing relay and Year 5 made sentences using their daily routine words. There was lots of laughing, lots of speaking and lots of fun with family. Merci to all the parents for getting involved in the games, and bravo to all students for being so enthusiastic about using your French knowledge. Au revoir!

Madame Vinton

French Specialist