15 October 2018

Junior School Resource Centre

On Wednesday 3 August, the boys in Pre-Primary, Year 1, 2 and 4 were treated to an hour of storytelling and music by Ghanian storyteller and musician Sam Derchie. Sam made comparisons between his culture and our NAIDOC week celebrations, explaining to the boys how traditional cultures used storytelling, art and music to tell stories as communication devices. The boys were fascinated by Sam's life growing up in the jungles of Africa. There are some fantastic photos on Gallery that capture the boy's enjoyment.

Billy Mahaffy in 4C summed up Sam's visit for us: Sam Derchie was a blast in our school. He was a very positive person. He was from Ghana and he told us all about where he came from and what sort of instrument's he played including the talking drum. Sam told us stories about monkeys and a story about stories.

Matthew Philpott added: Sam was the funniest visitor we have had to the library. He told us amazing stories and got the Pre-Primary's into it.

The excitement of Roald Dahl and Book Week is escalating as the boys decide what character they are coming to school dressed as on Friday 26 August 26. Here is a link to a UK site with some nifty costume ideas.

Mrs Kathryn Salt

Junior School Teacher-Librarian