15 October 2018

Head of Middle School

How we conduct ourselves when we are disappointed or out of the spotlight can often be the truest reflection of character. The Olympic Games has offered up the brilliant examples of Cate and Bronte Campbell and Mitch Larkin whose humility and gratitude despite not meeting the huge expectation their country placed on them to deliver gold medals is a great reminder that good sportsmanship, that is the respect for the opposition and the opportunity to complete, rises above all successes and disappointments. I saw another example of great sportsmanship on Saturday when our First Football team defeated Trinity in the final game of the season and in doing so won the Alcock Cup. When the siren sounded the field was swamped by hundreds of spectators mobbing our successful players, with the gallant but deject Trinity players standing by exhausted and watching on. Immediately breaking out of the mob was the Scotch captain, Tom Gooch, who went and shook hands with every Trinity player and the umpires before joining the celebrations. For me this was a highlight of the game, when the contests, collisions and the fierceness of the game was over, humility, gratitude and respect rose to the fore. In terms of our behaviour when out of the spotlight, I received this email letter last week that reminds us, we are always on show:

I was in Claremont on Friday about 4pm and two Middle School boys looking immaculate in their uniform were walking around. I stopped them and congratulated them on their appearance and asked their names. Can't remember of course but both tall, and very polite. Just thought you'd like to know. I was impressed.

The Year 8 Medieval Festival was huge hit last week. Thank you to the families that came and walked the displays, joined us for dinner and watched the impressive battling knights performance put on by the Grey Company. The Medieval unit of study is a great example of project based learning that allows our boys to learn and demonstrate their creativity as well as their knowledge in a hands on interactive manner.

Mr Richard Ledger

Head of Middle School