4 February 2019

Performing Arts News

Wow, we are more than half way through Spring Term and as expected, it has certainly been an exciting and crazy time in Performing Arts. Our Pre-Primary boys have been preparing a special song to sing at the official opening of the ELC on Thursday 17 November; Year 1 have been exploring form and structure in music through a variety of activities including singing, movement, playing and experimenting with graphic notation; Year 2 have been diligently rehearsing for a Nativity of a different kind, which they will perform at the final Junior School assembly on Friday 2 December; Year 3 have been experimenting with language and sound effects that can be made with their mouths (and what interesting sounds they have come up with) to create their own songs; Year 4 have proven that they truly are hip-hop superstars as they prepare a dance that will surprise and delight their audience; and Year 5 have been rehearsing like mad, including giving up their lunch breaks, to ensure that the performance of their musical, Dream On, on Thursday 1 December will be an absolute hit they'll be proud of.

Miss Phebe Samson
Performing Arts Teacher