4 February 2019

Headmaster's Commendations


Reuben Westerman

Throughout the year, Reuben has consistently proven himself to be a role model student. He has embraced the IB learner profile attributes and is always caring, considerate and respectful to others around him. He is always willing to step up to whatever role is asked of him. Reuben has involved himself in many of the School's sporting and co-curricular activities. He is a quiet, unassuming young man who displays many leadership qualities. I look forward to hearing of Rueben's further successes in the Senior School next year.


Will Reeves

Will has been a role model in the 8R Homeroom this year. He embraces the IB learner profile attributes to full effect and always considers his actions towards others. Will displayed an excellent balance between his studies, sport and peer network. He made the most of the Dirk Hartog Island Tour and Round Square exchange to Adelaide this year. Will's outstanding qualities of leadership and decency are sure to take him far in life. We are fortunate to have Will in the Scotch community.


George Graham

Throughout the year, George has proven himself to be a constantly hard working, engaged and motivated learner who excels independently and in group situations. He has shown himself to be a huge asset in many subject areas and thoroughly deserves to be commended for his ongoing commitment to learning.


Taj Piwowarski

Taj is always friendly and helpful around the Middle School. He has continued to hard work throughout the year in Mathematics and has been an integral member of the Middle School Chess Club.


Tony Ghiselli

Tony's pride in his work is amazing and inspiring. He sets very high standards for himself and always works diligently to achieve them. Tony will ask questions and seek clarification on topics to ensure he understands the content and produce his best work. He is a fantastic classmate who is respected by his peer group for his pursuit of excellence. Tony is a quality young man with outstanding manners and respect for all members of the Scotch College community.


Hudson Wheeler

Hudson consistently demonstrates the qualities of a Principled learner and an Inquirer. He acts with integrity, honesty and respect in the 7H classroom with excellent manners and a caring attitude toward his teacher and classmates. Hudson has worked hard at every task he has been given this year. He has taken advice on board, has shown improvement in many areas and is particularly talented in Mathematics. Hudson is a pleasure to teach and we are fortunate to have him as a member of our Scotch community.


Daniel Williams

Daniel is an enthusiastic learner who tackles new challenges eagerly and with a positive attitude. He shows perseverance in all he does and puts extra effort into his work as he completes assignments with quality in mind. Daniel is a kind, caring and friendly character which makes him an excellent role model for his class mates. He can proud of everything he has accomplished this year.