15 October 2018

Pre-Primary News

This year the Pre-Primary boys have had some wonderful experiences at Bush School. Situated at Lake Claremont, the boys have their very own area to explore and discover all the natural wonders Lake Claremont has to offer.

At the beginning of the year, the boys began their Bush School journey around the perimeter of the College's oval. From these sojourns, they then ventured out further to discover the changing scape of the lake. As autumn and winter set in, the lake burst to life with the water bringing an abundance of birdlife and new foliage. Spring has brought immeasurable riches such as woodworms tucked under the tufts of the paper bark trees, exo-skeltons from insects long departed and glistening webs which we emulated with string between trees. The engagement and pure joy the boys experience when they are out in nature is almost indescribable. When the boys are out at Bush School they negotiate, share and dialogue using the wonderfully rich language.

We look forward to Bush School next week and always wonder what wonderful things nature will gift us with on our next adventure.

Mrs Sue Phillips
Pre-Primary Teacher