26 November 2018

Art News

During Visual Art, the Year 2 artists have been linking into their current central idea 'Celebrations are an expression of the shared beliefs and values of a community'. The boys have been exploring the traditions of Japanese culture. The Children's Festival on May 5 known as 'Tango no Sekku' was a focus for our art class. Originally, it was celebrated in the houses of warriors, celebrating courage and determination. Large carp windsocks called Koinobori are displayed outside houses of families with children, one windsock for each child in the house. The artists each carefully decorated their carp fish windsock with vibrant inks and Posca pen. Each response represents the artist's individuality in the celebration of youth and appreciating the traditional Japanese celebration. They are currently being appreciated as a collaborative display on the balcony of the art room.

Ms Jane Roche
Junior Art Specialist