15 October 2018

6.3T Ready, Set, Go!

The year has started with a bang for the boys in 6.3T. The first unit of iLearn has the boys understanding the Scientific Method. This will continue to be of importance to them throughout the year, as they get ready for their Science Fair projects in Winter Term. The boys have clearly understood the variables that need to be followed when constructing a Scientific Investigation!

The boys have been looking at Identity and Poetry in English by constructing simile and metaphor poems about themselves. Many of the boys created a fine piece of descriptive and imaginative poetry that expressed their values. The Autobiography Writing unit is next, with the boys being exposed to many different novels including Anh Do, Bear Grylls, Roald Dahl and Matthew Pavlich.

The Middle School Swimming Carnival was a highlight for the boys in the first month of term, with many pushing themselves out of their comfort zone to swim 50m. A team of Year 6 boys headed to the JPSSA Inter-School carnival last week to compete against other JPPSA schools.

Mr Daniel Turco
6.3T Homeroom Teacher