4 February 2019

Scotch SCUBA Club

Sunday 19 February saw the SCUBA Club head out to Rottnest Island with Perth Dive Academy for our Summer Term dive. Conditions were perfect with very little swell and next to no wind. Our skipper took us straight around to the south-western side of the island near Wilsons Bay to a dive sight called '10m Spire'. There was a 9m band of silt from the recent floods that we slowly made our way through before the conditions cleared up and were fantastic. In one of the numerous caves and swim-throughs we were able to explore, we had a brief encounter with a Grey Nurse Shark and shortly after a giant Southern Eagle Ray.

After our first dive, we motored around to the very West End to Eagle Bay and pulled up amongst the reefs for lunch. Once again, the spread was fantastic with rolls, fried rice, nachos, carbonara, potato bake and plenty of additions. We were treated to a colony of New Zealand Fur Seals relaxing in the shallows. After such a lunch, we were all inclined to join the seals in a siesta in the sunshine.

Our second dive was once again at the West End and a dive site called 'Blue Caves', known obviously for the plethora of caves in the area. Blue Caves was not as deep and therefore was effected by the silt. The wildlife was not as abundant but the caves were pretty special. Once you were down a bit lower, the water cleared up and you could imagine how spectacular it would have been without the silt around. Starfish all over the walls, colourful soft corals waving in the swell but unfortunately, no more sharks. Better luck next time.

Stay tuned for further SCUBA Club opportunities including a shore dive at the Rockingham Dive Trail which includes six different shipwreck sites.

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Boys involved:

Cameron Rea (Year 10, Anderson), Aren Leishman (Year 11, Ross), Cameron Ritchie (Year 11, Keys), Jack Carrington (Year 11, Keys), Samuel McConachy (Year 10, Shearer)

Mr Alistair Steele
Outdoor Education