15 October 2018

News from 7.5G

Class 7.5G has been hard at work on an exciting research project that has required them to investigate the thoughts and opinions of Scotch boys and their parents for local skate shop Momentum. The class was commissioned by the Eastland family to find out what current Scotch boys thought about the skate shop and to suggest some new ideas that could help the business out. The boys were very eager to get started once they heard about the local business that had contacted them and have been enthusiastically working in collaborative groups to design questions to help collect their data.

As part of their studies in iLearn this term, the boys of 7.5G have learnt about interview techniques, conducting surveys and questioning focus groups in order to collect, interpret and draw conclusions about primary research data. They have become experts in analysing qualitative and quantitative data. At the conclusion of their research and analysis, Class 7.5G will invite the owners of Momentum back to their class in order to present their findings to them.

Mr Peter Gaspar
7.5G Homeroom Teacher