4 February 2019

Year 4C News

Our year in 4C began with a splash. The first highlight of the term was the Inter-House Swimming Carnival and we enjoyed competing against our peers. Another highlight was playing basketball in our first ever JPSSA Carnival against Christ Church and Hale. We shot some extraordinary hoops and relished the opportunity to meet boys from the other schools, however we were very tired by the time the carnival was finished. Then we dived into Visual Arts by visiting Sculpture by the Sea. There were some incredible sculptures and we even got to meet one of the wonderful sculptors.

In our first unit of inquiry, we learned about the human body and completed fun science experiments. We even made blood to represent the components of blood using jelly, sprinkles, marshmallows and Maltesers. Finally, we had two parents come in to teach us about the body. Dr. Fine taught us all about teeth and showed us why it is important to take good care of them. Additionally, Dr. Arellano taught us about the different body systems and we even played a game to learn about how the circulatory system works. Overall, this term has been great and we cannot wait to explore the wonders of the next term.

Alex Fine
Year 4 Student