26 November 2018

Relay 4 Life

This Saturday night we have the Relay 4 Life at Aquinas College. This is a huge event organised by Aquinas College and caters for about 800 boarding students. It has been created to replicate the annual Relay 4 Life with the primary aim to raise money for cancer research. Every boy who is staying within the Residential Community on Saturday Night will be attending the event.

The night begins at 5.00pm with buses leaving Scotch at 4.00pm. The event concludes at 9.30pm and all boys should be back in their Houses by 10.00pm.

Please note that if your son is intending to return to his House between 5.00pm and 10.00pm on Saturday night then he will need to go to the Year 10 to 12 House as the Year 7/8 and 9 Houses will be closed.

This year's Boarders Council have been very strong in supporting the event and so we are looking forward to the festivities that Aquinas have arranged for the evening.

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Mr Marcus Wilkinson
Director of Residential Life