4 February 2019

Sensational Science in 8.6C

In Year 8 Science this term, the topic moves from Chemistry to Biology. The curriculum begins on the small scale, starting at plant and animal cells. This leads to the big picture of whole organisms; along the way learning about tissues, organs and organ systems (such as the digestive system). To help with the study of living things, the students in 8.6C Homeroom have had quite a bit to do with the new additions to our Middle School Science Laboratories. This term, we changed the freshwater aquariums to contain tropical fish from Africa and South America, called Cichlids. Each of these aquariums contains slightly different water parameters, like temperature and acidity. Next term it is suggested we grow out some fingerling Barramundi and Marron.

8.6C has been pivotal in making our Science laboratories more dynamic and exciting. In a few weeks, live plants will be introduced to the classrooms, growing directly out of the aquariums. This will be a perfect opportunity to learn a little about Aquaponics. Our Science Laboratories are well designed and utilised extensively in Years 6, 7 and 8, but still, they could be more exciting. If any members of our wider Scotch community have any ideas or suggestions, please contact Mr Chamberlain in the Middle School. Already the Physics project for Winter Term is underway and currently in the construction phase.

Mr Paul Chamberlain
8.6C Homeroom Teacher